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The places you go to on dates?

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First date was at the park and dinner and a bookstore afterwards.


Second date was tea, shopping, dinner with her friends, then talking at her home afterwards.


Third date was at my house working on art, dinner, and a night walk in the park followed by talking at my house afterwards.


Fourth date was just at her house making out.


Fifth date was hanging out with her friends and dinner with my friends.


Sixth date was at her house, dinner and sex. We broke it off with everyone else we were dating.


We lost track of how many dates we've been on after that. We've also been to an art gallery, museum, concert, dance club, and making dinner for each other at home.

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Fun and Affordable Cheap Dates


1. Fly a kite and have lunch outdoors

2. school playground and have a picnic

3. museum,aquarium or the zoo(pack a lunch and have lunch on site)

4 live music , a poetry reading or lecture at a book store.

5. college or local play

6 dance lesson

7. board game

8. Go for a hike, toss a frisbee or enjoy a walk in the park, go rollerblading, biking, canoeing, or swimming at an outdoor pool.

9.low cost festivals or free music, movies and Shakespeare in the park programs through the season.

10. Amusement Parks

11. Circus







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First date - skating (which turned into skating, coffee, walking around the mall and a movie, so I'd say we hit it off). Anyways, skating was fun because we both sucked at it (fun to laugh) and its a good excuse to hold hands too


Movie isn't really good for a first date on its own because you're not interacting, but it was a good way to end it since we both enjoyed each others' company and didn't want to stop.


Second date - We both love hockey, so he got us some tickets to a local team. Exciting game We also went out for dinner in a small restaurant that was lovely and charming. I like the small intimate places (they don't have to be pricey or anything), because you can talk more easily and not have to shout.


Third date - Video game party with his friends. What can I say, I'm a gamer geek too Jolly good time, and I got to see him with his friends and see him at his competive worst (his victory dance is cute though).


Anyways, its great to tailor a date to your tastes. Have fun and talk up some ideas, eh? We have a whooooooooole list of future date ideas together

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