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Card or letter? Advice please!!!!!!!!

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Well... in the end i have decided that maybe instead of a letter i will send her a card...


The reason for this?


On Tuesday night i received a cheque from my girlfriend (6 days after we broke up) with the money she owed me... but she still has my things round her house. She was quite cold with her message in the letter (see previous posts). Now i know if i don't acknowledge the fact i have received it, especially as i know she hasn't got that much money, she will think i am a b*stard!!!


I want to try and get her back, by ignoring it i don't think i will be doing any good... so... instead of the letter that i was going to send her tomorrow... i was thinking that i would send her a card for her to recive it on Saturday (couple of days before she has a week off work). The card i was thinking of sending her would have the title at the front like: Thinking of you or Missing you and inside the card it would say:


Dear Baby (substitute baby with her name),


I think of you all the time or I miss you so much (depending what it says on the front of the card, i.e.: not repeat what it says on the front). I'm sorry for hurting your feelings on the bank holiday. You know where i am if you want to contact me,


love Me


P.S.: Thanks for the cheque but you didn't have to pay it back, especially the cd... it was a gift.



What do you think? Anything i shouldn't say or forgotten to put in?

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If you really want to send a card, and I think that no matter what anyone says here you will do, then send it but maybe not with the enclosing sentence that you have written. Just thank her for returning the morning, and that you consider her to be very special in your life. Just leave it at that...

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