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indirect message?

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K, so i was texting with my friend today who's best friends with the girl i like, and she asked me if i really liked her, and i said yeah, then she told me that's good. I'm confused --- that's good, what is that supposed to mean? haha.


My gut feeling tells me that the girl I like is into me for sure but, I just wanted a clarification and was wondering if this "that's good" thing means she does too or something haha.

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Logic would tell you that her friend probably also expressed interest in you, otherwise why would that make her friend happy? I would think the same thing as you do at this point.


*I know you're in high school, but remember that soon it will be more beneficial NOT to tell the girl you like, that you like her. In other words, don't be direct. You can indicate to a girl that you like her, without saying, "I like you." An example might be, "I like hanging out with you" or "It makes me feel good when you're around me" or "You are fun to be around."

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Well she already knows I like her, and actually I've taken your viewpoint for a few years, I think its bs now. If somehow you leak it through her friends, it helps a lot more. I'm not saying I'm going to do that with every girl I come accross but, to disprove your point it really doesn't matter if you tell her, it probably will turn out better for you -- especially if you and her aren't exactly friends yet -- because she might think of you as a potential boyfriend.

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