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need a guy's opinion...


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there's this guy i know thorugh mutual friends who invited me over to his place last weekend just to hang out. My friends and i went and there was a lot of alcohol there so needless to say i got a little tipsy as did everyone else. The guy in question and I flirted the entire night. He kept on grabbing me, trying to tickle me, lying on me, etc. and then when I had really way too much to drink and felt sick he was being really nice and trying to help me out. When my friends told him that they could take care of it, he refused to leave me saying that he wanted to stick around and make sure I was okay.

I want to know if he's interested in me or if it was just because we had both been drinking. Do drunk guys flirt if they're interested or was it just because he was drunk? Well also the next day he called me over to his place to watch a movie, but alot of people ended up coming so it wasn't a big deal. We were both sober this time and I couldn't tell if he was interested in me or not. What do you all think?


Thanks for reading and answering my post.

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From my opinion, he's interested... but only because of the saying "A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts". It's kind of sad but true when you think about it, though.


In my opinion, he's a nice guy for caring, and he probably is interested from the flirting. But you need to try flirting when you two are sober, or just straight up ask him! It's really the only way you'll know what's going on, as some people do in fact loosen up and become more flirtatious than they mean to be when they're drinking.


Just food for thought, really. I'd suggest trying it sober, though!

Good luck!


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