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I have girlfriend probemlys and I'm worried =[

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I searesly care about my girlfriend alot. We have been dateing for two days now, and today we had a pep rally at my school, so I'm a sophore I was sapose to sit with my class but I went and sat with my baby witch is jr. and she didn't look my way she didn't even notice me. After the pep I was walking with her and a bunch of her friends and one of my friends was with me, so she was flirting with this guy it seemed like it and was pissing me off but i didn't let it show or get under neath my skin (much), She told me she was the jelouse type of girl, I shorta am to but I don't let it show, and she was geting me all jelouse, so I just walked without her and the group infrount of them, and it took my friend to have to say to her "why arn't you with your girlfriend?" and shes like "ohh I didn't notice" She saprised me and was walking next to me and I was holding her and walking with her, it hurt me soooo bad still. And once my friend told me about how she didn't see me it hurt me EVEN MORE!!

I don't know what to do, how do I bring the subject and tell her about how I feel?

I want her to know before we get further in this relationship, and she dosen't know how I feel about it. She has a boyfriend and all but I don't think he goes to are school. Someone help me out please!?!?!


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IShe has a boyfriend and all but I don't think he goes to are school. Someone help me out please!?!?!



Are you saying she's already with someone else? Doesn't sound like a fun situation for you to be in. Are you sure you want to date someone who is cheating on someone else to be with you?

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yea, but I'm so scared, I'm searesly frustarted beond beliefe.

I just don't know, its like the first day were going out, I asked her out yesterday. But when shes with me shes herself, but when shes with her friends its like I'm not there. And it took one of my friends to say something in order for her to know I'm right there close to her but not close enough in reach. -sigh-

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