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Need a Second Opinion.

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Hi guys, for those who did not read my last note. Did no contact with an ex, who knows how I feel. Logged onto msn only to find she had removed me from her contact list, but not blocked me. Basically she would not know when I was online.


I know I shouldn't of done !!! but I needed to know why so I sent her this.


"Hi there.


I trust you are well, study going well and enjoying your marathon swims....lol.


I am emailing because I have noticed that your msn profile has changed and you no longer appear to want to remain in contact. If its the case then that is fine, but its not what I want. So the email is for clarification purposes.


I hope this is not unwelcome and your not upset by this. "


She does not reply to this but adds me back in her contact list in MSN.


I dont know what to make of this ?!!!!!!!!


Is it game play, wanting friendship or is there feeling their ! I just dont know, It seems like the time we had together was just a bit of fun for her and has no value... That hurts, but I just dont know !!

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i would say that she now knows you are 'watching' her accounts... but if she wanted to really contact you, she would respond to your email directly...


sounds like she is avoiding confrontation with you, but not really participating with you... please stop watching her accounts, and if you don't hear from her with real contact (i.e., direct contact), then take that as your answer, and heal and move into NC and move on...

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