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Need some advice on asking girls out


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What Alyssa said is exactly what you need to do, If you see a girl you like, just walk right up to her, and ask her to dance, if she says no, just give her a polite smile, and say ok, well maybe some other time, and walk away.


Its that simple, the confident guy doesnt care if a girl says no, he expects it to happen a lot, no big deal, he works the numbers, maybe 4 out of 10 may say no, but 6 will say yes! he doesnt pay any mind to the 4 that said no.


If the girl you ask to dance, tickles your fancy and you hers, then ask for her number or e-mail, and get to know each other, ask her questions and , this is important, LISTEN to every thing she says, and that is your ticket .

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