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Whats wrong with me??

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I'm hoping someone could help me with some problems I've been experiencing which I think is effecting my relationship with other family members.


I believe I'm an insecure person, hyper sensitive and I've just now realised I've become very snappy and bad tempered as of late.


I feel as though my family members are hurtful towards me in a verbally abusive way, which I get deeply offended by, yet at the same time after a row, I'd start questioning whether its all in my mind, whether I'm the irrational one.


My head feels twisted most times, its as if I don't know who I am. For instance, yesterday one of my family members said I need to think before I talk, and this is right after they told me that I'm a loner, which I am.


Is this because they are telling the truth, that I lash out or is it something I should except and move on ? do I have every right to express myself by shouting back at them?


I know I act erratic I don't have limits when I'm angry from something so hurtful being said to me...


Sometimes I don't want to participate in conversations because I'm afraid I'll make a fool of myself..


I lock myself in my room and fester, I guess thats al I'm good for nowadays.


I've been called weird, mad, looser, loner, the list is endless..


I just need to talk to someone who will listen.



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Sorry maybe i shouldn't have started two threads. I also have problems with leaving the house, socialising in big groups and so on.




Basically not a very confident person, yet I can shout to the roof tops in my own house when getting into arguments with members of family..

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How old are you, Fix? I am picking up from your post that you are in your mid-late teens, which is a REALLY hard time to go through! I found it horrible, all the emotions and anger sizzling through everything, plus you are questioning yourself and your family, and everyone is having to adjust to these changes.


For instance, yesterday one of my family members said I need to think before I talk, and this is right after they told me that I'm a loner, which I am


Sounds like people are 'telling' you your faults, eh? Which would make anyone react badly! Sometimes it helps to talk things through with your family when you're NOT angry and are in a good mood - to tell them how you feel when they shout at you and tell you off, and how you find it hard to take it on board. Something you can all work on as a family.


Another option might be family therapy: Family therapy can help patch strained relationships among family members and improve how your family works together.


Something else to try next time you have a row might be the old 'fake it till you make it' - try a different attitude, just to see what happens. So if you shout, try speaking quietly. If you go quiet, try speaking out. See how it works to behave differently, just to break this cycle - your mum or dad nags you, you shout back, they shout back, you get upset etc.


I'm sorry you feel so horrible - I don't think there's anything wrong with you, I think you're just going through a lot at the moment.


Take care

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Hey there!


I'm going to say what I think when I read your posts. I didnt want to say it in the other post of yours in case I was wrong. So if I am just ignore it ok?


Well it sounds to me like you have incredibly low self esteem. And you're also very anxious. As far as I know, people only have low self esteem when something bad has happened to them, or someone has made them feel worthless, or may have even said you are worthless. Also people are usually anxious/on guard because at one point in their life there was reason to be & they've just carried on doing it.


Has anything like that happened in your life that you can think of?

How bad is the verbal abuse that you talk about from your family?

If you are insecure, hyper sensitive etc its because something has made you become this way.


Anyways i'll be quiet now. Again sorry if this is wrong

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