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Asking out a girl for the first time bad to do thro email?


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I think it depends on how old u are. If u're say less than 13 years old, it'd b fine. But face 2 face is the only way 2 go 4 me, or at least hint it 2 her that u like her face 2 face.


But if u still wanna try the fone, make sure u kno who it is, or it'll be like "hey..do u wanna go out wif me?" "um..wait this is her mother..i'll go get her" or "stay away from my daughter! i have a shotgun in this house!"


lol.. it's probably not that bad.




Happy Heb

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Through my experience, I would not ask over e-mail. I find that people gain a little fearlessness over the internet and will say just about anything whether it is hurtful or not. So, since they can't see you and hear your expressions they feel that they can coordinate an attack plan and just go after you. They can yell and yell and whatever then sign off. Then what are you going to do. I am pretty good at seeing early signs of these situations and then just immediately give them a call. People don't tell ME off!!! Then they pretty much just cool down and you can talk about it. So unless you have a super serious problem asking in person or over the phone I would consider an e-mail a last resort. I think that they would appreciate it more and giving them less time to actually think about it would be pretty advanageous for you. An e-mail could give them time to talk to there friends and go through a big pros/cons list which you might never know about. In person atleast you know it isn't a straight "no" but an "I'll think about it." if that is what you get. Hopefully not!

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