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ok so i've been on NC for two months and I had my doubts about it but lately I've been feeling really good about myself. Anyways me and ex-girlfriend had a really ugly break up back in september. (she left me for someone else) After 2 months of trying to get her back she told me to leave her alone because she was "happy now" and thats when I decided to give NC a try.

The guy she left me for only lead her on and ended up breaking her heart. After that she then fell for his cousin but he did the same. So basically she has been let down twice big time.


I on the other hand caught up with my friends. (hanging out, partying, sports, hobbies... but it was HARD) I still thought about her but didnt call her or see her anymore because that little voice in my head kept reminding me to make her feel like she's not the center of my world anymore in hopes that she woud come back. And I think NC is working....


2 weeks ago she greeted me with a big * * * smile and it was weird because i had no idea that she was in the same building as me. but we didnt talk she just said hi. Then yesterday I saw her at a basketball game and my friend noticed that she was glancing at me through out the whole hour i was there. I noticed it too. And today she sent me an email saying "I see you at the bball games...are they THAT exciting that you come to all of them?! I personally think they are boring as hell! ok just thought I'd say Hi and now I'm saying BYE!"

Are these early symptoms of getting back together? Is she trying to provoke me to talk to her with this e-mail. please i need advise. Is this how long road to getting back together starts. I havent responded back but should I?

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So it didn't work out with her and the last two guys she dated? It sounds to me that now she's feeling lonely and insecure because of it and shes been thinking of you. Before, she didn't have care to talk to you because she had other guys in mind. So what if she pulls you in again and then some other guy comes along that excites her? Will she then have no need for you again? Id be carefull if you don't want to get hurt again. Give her plenty of time to get over the other guys and in the meantime, be nice, but not easy. Be sure this is really about how much she wants to be with YOU and not about her other failed relationships.

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Because she has had two other guys I would be very wary that she isnt using you as a security blanket.


She seems to me to be a person who always needs a b/f. Furthermore I would also be wary of reconciling with someone who left me for another person.


If you split because you didnt get on or things were not right then that is something that can be addressed but leaving for another person means they could do the same again...

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