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talking to the oppisite sex {I know I can't}


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hello, I recently found out {because school started} that I am shy beyond most recognition. I can barley talk to another girl w\o her starting it first. Even then I am a little awkward w\ it. does anyone know how to start up and keep a conversation going w\ a girl w\o making myself look like an idiot? not to mention I am very distant from almost everyone else exept for my closest friends. I think some girls might be {I dont know if this is really the right word for it} scared, its not like im a buff goth or anything. I wear normal clothes and all but I did have a couple people tell me last year that "i was creepy" for reasons I forget right now, but still I am very distant from almost everyone else, and I dont say much of anything. If it were just guys I probly wouldnt have these problems. {not that im gay or anything} Anyways, I was just wondering if anyne could help me start and keep a conversation{s} w\ girls. {not like asking her for a date or anything just a casual conversation}because I imagine it will be very hard to have any sort of relationship with a woman w\o learning how to talk to her.

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the best way to start a conversation is to smile and say hello. you can also ask the girl how she is. i think it might help you in talking to girls if you share a common interest with the girl you want to talk to. find a subject that you can easily talk about. are there any clubs or something like that you can join? you can find girls with similar interests there.


good luck with everything!

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ooo its always the shy ones that make us grls think. Well let me just tell u this story. There is this kid who has been chasing after me snce 7th grade, im now a junior. He says its my hair. But he just doenst kno how to talk to me. Just listen to what he does, and DONT do these things. He always sits near me cuz of the whole alphabetical order thing, and he will ask me questions about skool work. Like have u done ur homework? Did u study? R u ready for this quiz/test/paper/ w/e. I would much rather talk to someone about how my weekend was, how am i feeling, or just whats up? whats new? Things u talk to ur friends about. Show that u are interested in how SHE feels, not how skool is, or w/e. Thats cheesy adn shows ur a coward. i would give u advice to just ask her questions about her personally. Just start with whats up? a great convo can start. If she says nothin ...just be like well what did u do this weekend etc. U get the picture.

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well, it is not so much one person imparticular as it is just any girl that I like. and what is W\E? I have no idea what girls like to talk about, and most clubs are to preppy and filled w\ idiotic ppl. you know the kind the ones who imediatly wanna shake your hand or high five you. Thats just not how I work, I am the person who likes to talk before getting all touchy feely. Besides, most of those things cost $$$ and my parents are on a very tight budget {i know i shouldnt worry but I know what goes on in the house}. I'm really not a deep person, I am just a normal person, I'm just plain shy. even when I do get into a conversation w\ a girl usualy I run out of things to say after hi, how are you? I just have no clue how to know what they like outside of what they say when they do approach.

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think about what you like first and what you can easily talk about. then ask the girl if she likes it also. or after u ask the girl how she is doing, maybe she'll say something about what she is planning to do for the wkend, and then you can comment on what she says. ask her questions about what she's talking about, and then say whatever comes to your mind. the thing with talking to others is that it takes practice. don't get discouraged if conversations are short. just keep trying, and before you know it, you'll become less shy.

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hey, i have your answer to your question about how to approach a girl..iv 'e used this line about 20 x's and have always gotten positive results from it.


it starts with you going up to the girl.


YOU: hello, can i ask you a question.


HER: Ooook sure, Or she will say yea i guess.


YOU: How much to polar bears weigh.


HER: What do you mean,? she will looked quite confused or she will laugh, and say something like "why are you asking me this."


----NOW at this point oy have anchored yourself into her mind, and she is wondering why,...exactly you are asking this question about Polar bears, Of all things....So people in general (men/Women) being curious, we have to KNOW WHAT IS IN THE BOX..like Christmas time, shake it a little. Look at who it is from,. sort of the same feeling she will get when you ask her this question, She wants to know WHY>???What the HE|| you are talking about, It's Building up. the Suspense is at a pinnacle point of interest. than whatever her reply is...you just casually say.


YOU: Well it's Enough to Break the Ice. and introduce yourself, I know it sounds really stupid to you,. but iv 'e used it many times and have gotten numbers, and E-mails, in ONE night of knowing these girls, and the best part is, it works an any environment your in. Club/School/Library/bar/bowling alley, those are just a few of the places where i have meet women using that approach. and have built friendships with..now it's just a matter of time before something else grows after the friendship, sadly all these women are already dating, except one. but she is in a wheelchair with no legs .....I'm so joking, But i made you laugh didn't I. HAHA see i told you i made you laugh. Don't Lie, that was pretty funny. still i made you laugh, that is the point make a girl laugh, show humor, that shows personality,and a sense of humor...they like that..!

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you make it sound ez, but I know it works, but I am just not that corny LoL. I would join a club but most are to d@mn preppy for me, usualy it is filled with a bunch of idiots who want to high five you and shake hands. That just isnt how I work, I like to talk to the person before getting all touch-feely. some of the crap they want you to swallow at those clubs is rediculus. Although maybe I am just not lookin' hard enough, well tomorrow is another day, maybe I will work up the courage to talk to a girl or two {gulp}
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I'm the same way, you just gotta find a situation your comfortable with. Me personally I have problems talking to girls in groups whether its few guys few girls me and a bunch of girls or bunch of guys and a girl doesnt really matter I tend to freeze up, but if I can talk to a girl one on one I find myself much more comfortable. Just find your comfort zone and work off of that. Be yourself you dont have to be in a club if you dont wanna be thats just an idea to give you something to talk about with someone that has a similar interest. The hardest part is starting the converstion after that its real easy to tell if you have something in common or not. If you dont your going to run out of things to talk about. So just find someone you have similar interests with and you'll find that the conversation will come much easier to you because your comfortable talking about it.

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Hey Virus...don't feel bad man, theres this chick I really like, and I haven't ever started up a conversation with a girl. It sucks, but I don't know what to say to her, but I know for a fact shes single, but what hurts is when she flirts with other guys. IDK, just to let you know your not alone man.

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