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Dream about fish

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I keep dreaming about fish or things that live in water


The other night i dreamt that i had a bigger fish tank ( i have fish in real life) but they could talk and they were 'ganging' up on each other. At one point two fish helped each other to kill an axelotol (sp?)( a fish that has arms and legs) and then they proceeded to eat it.


Then a crab told me to put him and to 'sort it all out'


prieviously i have recuring dreams of trying to keep a huge aquarium but it all gets murky and everything starts to eat each other.


Any ideas? it is odd i know

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Sounds like the kinds of dreams I might have.


Personally, I don't rely on "interpret your dreams" books because I've had reoccurring dreams about volcanoes, but the description I've read has nothing to do with the meaning that I later figured out. (Turns out that I have volcano dreams when I'm REALLY stressed.)


Try to think about how you've been feeling lately. What have you been thinking about recently? Has anything happened in your life? Any big events? Every time you have one of these dreams, think about those things. One or more of them could be the cause.

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