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Not Sure What this Sickness Is.

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over xmas break, I lost my virginity- had my period and all that. Then, the following week, I got a urinary tract infection which I never had before. I experienced a fever and then had really bad chest pains at night. A few weeks after that, I thought it was over.


I got my period. Then,


I began experiencing horrible lower back pain, especially near my right side. In the mirror, I noticed that I was standing a bit crooked and then looking at my body, I was because of the pain and it was like my structure suddenly changed.


During the day, I had random pains in my head for a while. Now, I feel it most in my stomach (which a lot of the time, feels sick- especially in the evening- my appitite has lessened so much, I've lost weight even) and if I get up real fast, I feel strange pains in my heart. At night, I experience strange emotions of anxiety and fast breathing. It fades by morning as with back pain, but it still happens almost every night. It sometimes feels like my heart is going to explode. Anyone know what these means? During the day, my emotions are still strange and strong, like a love or a need for something. Then I get anxiety again at night.


I also got over another but milder urinary tract infection last week.

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Do you know that going to the bathroom shortly after sex can greatly reduce your risk of getting UTI's? Just thought you might need a reminder since you mentioned getting your first UTI after losing your virginity.


About everything else... You definitely need to go see a doctor. There are many things that could be causing your sickness.

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Do your parents have to be present at the appointment?



They always are. They will find it suspicious if I tell them to leave while being questioned (or to stay in waiting room while I go in). I've never done that before. They usually speak a lot for me. So it would seem out of character and strange. They would know I was hiding something- trust me.

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You MUST get this looked at and tell them what is going on.


I had similar symptoms to you in terms of the back pain and headahe and it turned out to be a kidney infection that had started as a UTI; I had no symptoms when it was a UTI alone, but when it spread to my kidney's I was in the hospital. I am not kidding here; you can end up with kidney failure and on dialysis or waiting for a transplant. I was severely sick within a couple days of symptoms starting. I only say this as this can happen with UTI's that don't get fixed properly.....and since you have had a couple it is more likely you are dealing with something like that.


It could be something else of course; I never had anxiety because I was semi-conscious most of the time, but you MUST go back to the doctor.


I also think you are an adult and can ask for your parents to not be there; they may want to do an internal exam anyway and it standard procedure they need not be there and you can tell them then; they cannot tell your parents if you do not want them to know. You are an adult and need to start caring for your own health.

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