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is there a way to block myspace?

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I had the same problem a while back. When I realized that it was so harmful to even look at it...I deleted my account altogether. You have to go through a lot of trouble to make a new one and not being able to sign in helps to just avoid the site altogether. Start thinking about other more important things...like your job.

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LOL, I posted a similar problem a few days ago and received a good response. I wonder if the computer programmers at Microsoft (and elsewhere) realize some of the problems they've been causing?


In my case I have not accepted my X as a friend. I find that I'm almost afraid to use Facebook because her site may be lurking around the corner somewhere...it's too easy to maintain contact, eh?


Would it help you to stop viewing your X's space if your X might know you've been snooping? I think you can see who has viewed your space, can't you? Am I wrong?




Good luck to you,



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