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Well, yesterday I graduated high school. And usually that'd be a great thing. But now for the time being I have nothing to do. Yes yes, I'm going to get a job, etc. I'm going to go to college. But things don't just happen suddenly, I have to wait a little to go to college and I have to go out looking for a job. But right now, I have this overwhelming feeling of fear. While I didn't like a lot of people in High School, that's where people knew me, and it'd be nice to be able to talk to a friend you didn't expect that day. But now I'm heading to college soon and that's scary enough, but it relates to my previous threat about the girl who she and I no longer talk. Well...things could have been so much better if we were together, I'd be happy now because I would be able to spend time with her. Now I think about that and I feel like crying each time because I can't tell her I graduated, I can't tell her that I'd like to hang out, or even that I could. The typical answer is "find a hobby", I know. I'm probably going to sign up at the gym soon and....I don't know right now, things just haven't come to me yet. I've been really stressed lately and I just wish I had that girl...I would have been so much more happy but I don't and I feel really horrible and scared. It shouldn't be up to her to make me less scared, sure but the point it is I feel consumed by everything that's happened all at the same time lately.

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Why are you afraid of life?


If you stop taking things (particularly your thoughts) so seriously then you can lighten up, take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the surprise of life.


I wish I'd finished school now but that's just because I've got tons of work ontop of me. I know it'll be over in a couple of months so I'm just doing my best right now.


It's exciting. Look forward to the new aqaintences (sp), however brief or long, however many or few, however enjoyable or undisirable they may be. Nothing stays forever, let alone whoever you meet or whatever you do.


Honestly, though, I know it's easy to fall into fear. Whenever you do, remember that time is temporary and this experience fleeting.


And for God's sake forget about this girl whoever she is. You're just tormenting yourself with this sad story of yours.

You're not the first person to lament over an object of desire that you think can help you or make you feel better or both. You're not the last either, but the whole emotion thing is a waste of time.

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Take a few days off from things and take a break. Do absolutely nothing other than whatever you feel like. Then start thinking about the big picture. You don't have to plot out the course of your life today.


Perhaps some of the trepidation is coming about due to a change in schedule. Some people enjoy a fairly structured regular day's activities. All that has changed and perhaps is leaving you more unsettled that usual. Give it some time to pass.

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Sometimes there's that one person who makes everything negative go away.. it's comforting to know that you have that. You will find it again...!


Going to school just think of everyone new you will meet and how many new relationships you will have. You can start over when you go to college, that's the great thing. Be the person you really want to be the shy kid... that's what happened with me. I became a more confident person, I didn't have all of that old baggage..


Start fresh and just imagine the possibilities.. they're endless..

This is a great time of your life.. make the most of it!

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