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couple poems I wrote when me and my ex split


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Buried deep in heavy forest, is a small old pond

Rippling is the water, of my soul that has a bond


From season to passing season, from fight to passing fight

The leaves they are a fallen, fallen fast tonight


These leaves they cause the ripples, putting tremors in the my sea

A sea that is much more, then just a little pond to be


A sea that holds my soul, that goes drier by the day

When girls go a meddling, throwin rocks my way


See these rocks they don't go rippling, through what was once a mighty sea

These rocks they go a splashing, in the water that was me


Now the water is all gone, waiting for the rains to come my way

To fill up my soul, waiting for that special rainy day


That day is coming soon I hope, my girl coming with a storm

A storm that brings the pouring rain, that takes away the scorn





Grayness is here, another day of gloom

And hidden is our seed, not given chance to bloom


A chance is all it needs, a chance to make it grow

A chance I am not given, so the pain just starts to flow


Happiness is gone for me, replaced by the pain

A pain that is familiar, but yet it stings the same


A pain that causes lonely days, followed by sleepless nights

What happened darling angel, when did you lose sight


Sight of all the tender things that let you know I care

All I know is baby this pain I cannot bare


So now the seed is sitting, buried deep within my pain

Left to die within me as I sit and cry with shame

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Wow...you are such a talented writer...


Ever thought of publishing your poems? They just hit right home for me, and what's more they rhyme!


You are a wonderful writer, i hope you plan to publish your poems.


Take care and sorry to hear of the heartache your going through...


But with time, hon, it shall pass.





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