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I'm sick of all these feelings!


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I'm single and lately now that I've been more busy I haven't been thinking as much about meeting someone, which has been sort of a relief.


By the end of a busy day I just think of how nice it would be to spend time with a special someone and even though I wish to meet someone, I don't feel as lonely and I feel like I can handle being single a little more since I'm not as emotionally dependent on meeting that one person. However, I always see articles about relationships, hear song after song about being in love and how love can make you happy, watch movies and television shows about dating and hear my friends talk about their boyfriends. It's difficult to avoid. The subject of romantic love seems to be everywhere and the fact that Valentine's Day is coming around doesn't help.


It's like society is telling me I cannot be happy being alone (don't get me wrong, I am very happy for my friends!) and I've started to realize more and more when my feelings are healthy or not when it comes to relationships and what can trigger those feelings. I just wish relationships weren't such a focus and though I still have the desire to be with someone, I know that there are so many other important things to life than that. It is just difficult to focus on them sometimes...


Does anyone feel the same way?

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I know what you mean.... being a busy college student I spend all day literally in class or at work. When I'm done with that im exhausted and usually have a meeting or review or study group to go to until pretty late. When I finally come home all I want to do is relax. Its hard to do that when every weekend my apartment mates have their boyfriends spending their weekends here, or when I try to call my friends to hang out or have dinner and they cant because they are with their SO.


I know Im crazy busy and I have so much on my plate already, but you are right... it's hard not to be reminded that you are single and without someone special to go home to every night

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Love can be an extraordinarily beautiful thing...but I feel our society doesn't teach us to be independent with what we have. Our society is about consumption. You can't be happy with what you have, you need to buy, buy, buy. To me, the same mentality exists with relationships. We become overdependent on people and use them as some sort of social crutch. This isn't always true, but this is how I feel. I mean I remember with my last gf she felt the need to talk to me every night, and talk for at least an hour on the phone, even though we saw each other every day at school. It's like yeah, I love you and all...but I need to breathe too!

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