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Does he love me? Is he for real?

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I am 18. I met a man in his twenties online, last year. I said that I loved him, he said he loved me too. He wanted to meet up, but I was too nervous. He disappeared offline for six months, and ignored my e-mails. I felt incredibly hurt, sad and angry. I had just started to get him out of my head, when he was back on the scene again. I was reluctant to meet up again, and put it off. He seemed okay with that. He is nice to me. He seems concerned when I'm unwell, is interested in me and the things I'm doing and doesn't mind if I don't make much sense sometimes. However, on the odd occasion that I have said that I loved him, he just asked me 'do you?' or completely ignored it. Last night, I was feeling awful. Really unwell and he seemed genuinely sympathetic. But this morning... he didn't ask how I was, ignored a message I left on his phone saying I was feeling down at school, and he made no attempt to answer. I feel as if he doesn't care. I know it's hard with the whole online thing, and we sometimes misunderstand each other I know, but what do you think this means?

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I agree that it can be hard to read emotions when all you have is the online context and no facial expressions, body language and tone of voice.


I'm not sure of course, but either he is preoccupied with his own thoughts/problems etc. during these unavailable times, or he is not completely into this thing.


You imply that you've never met; I'm just wondering how emotionally attached you could be??? In any case, I guess the key to resolving or improving anything is good communication. So, just tell him how you feel, discuss your relationship and what you are both expecting from it.

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