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I feel weak around this girl

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Hi, I'm 24 and I met this girl through a social anxiety workshop. Now we are sort of friends and we've hung out a couple of times.


I have this powerful feeling that she thinks I'm a wuss-bag. She may like me as a friend, but I'm not sure if she respects me.


It's a horrible feeling and I feel it whenever I'm around her. So I associate this bad feeling with her and decide that I don't like her, but I wonder if this is just my own insecurity and has nothing to do with her.


I don't know, it's like subtle cues I get from her that she thinks I'm a weakling to be pushed around. It sounds crazy, I wonder if it's all in my head. I can't seem to separate my feelings about myself from reality. How do I tell which is which?


Should I still hang out with her, or should I stop?

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I think the key thing here is that you met at a social anxiety workshop. My sister used to suffer from social anxiety and I sometimes experience anxiety attacks for a number of reasons. She could just be dealing with her problem in a different way to you. I know sometimes people overcompensate for their anxieties and come over harsh and rude, possibly this is the same with this girl?

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