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Peace?! LATER!?

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Is it wrong for me to be irked when the person I'm seeing right now responds to my "Byes" and my "Good night and sweet dreams" with "Peace" or "Later?" It just seems so darn impersonal and it more than rubs me the wrong way. Whats the deal here?


[Edit] I just wanted to also add that I'm afraid to mention this to him because I don't want to come off as nagging. I've made little "jokes" about it to him, hoping that he'll at least take the hint but nothing has changed.

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Sounds to me like he just feels really comfortable around you. So, he feels like he can be very informal in his goodbyes. I'd say, if you're to this point in the relationship, you should start saying goodbye with a term of endearment, like "Good night, honey" or "Sweet dreams, love". Then, I really don't think he'd respond with, "Thanks, yo, peace out". But if he does, then I'd talk with him about it.


If you're not to that point in the relationship, I agree with addictedblue's advice. Be just as informal back.

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I certainly hope he doesn't kiss all of his other friends...


he doesn't. its just the way he says bye. like if forever you've always greeted people with "hey, what's up?" you probably wouldn't suddenly change it with your bf to "hi honey" or "good morning sweetie", you'd continue saying "hey, what's up?" and if he had a problem with that you'd probably be confused. don't talk to him about it because he's just going to start saying "good night honey" or something and he won't really mean it and it won't really be him, it would be him trying to appease you. that's what i think anyway. you like everything else about him, you're dating him anyway, so don't take it so seriously.

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