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I'm so confused and mad at myself for not asking her out


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There is this girl I work with, last Wednesday from nowhere this man at work started to say she liked me and kept making references to it and she laughed. Then later that day, we where sorting out the money trays and he came over and said notice how she keeps hers near me and made more comments about her liking me, she laughed but didn't say she didn't like me.


Then on Monday we where walking home and this girl looked out the window and made a smoochy kiss sign and she laughed. Yesterday the man who I was on about before came in the staff room and made comments about us walking home and said we where in love, she didn't say anything and just laughed and this girl said they had known since Friday, I thought she was joking. Today after work me, her and this other girl where in the staff room and she asked her if the people at work thought she was after someone there, and she said they where only messing about.


I so like her and really want ask her out, I just can't seem to bring myself to do it. I don't want to ask her out and then she says no and every one at work will know about it


I'm so confused and mad at myself for not asking her out. Do you think she likes me or have I blown it already. How could I ask her out, should I drop hints at work to other people that I like her and see what happens?


Help me!!

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