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Do you want to get caught?

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why do you need to get caught to leave? i think this means you don't have very good communication with your partner, or are more into playing games than dealing with the issues directly.


it is FAR more hurtful to your partner to discover an infidelity than to be addressed directly about problems and your feelings about the marriage... it causes a huge amount of personal grief and stress for the partner to discover you are cheating... so they have to deal with not only a breakup, but a betrayal.


so take the straighter, higher road and deal with your marital problems directly rather than betraying your spouse... that's just twisting the knife and a really unkind/mean thing to wish for.

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Robert, if I were you I would end the affair and give my marriage one last try and if things don't work out at least you know deep down that you gave it all your attention and did your best to make it work before you walk away.


Then if things don't work out, you will leave as a single man who tried his best for his family rather than a cheating lying husband, understand?


That's the only fair thing to do in those circumstances, in my opinion anyway. The least hurt you cause the better for everyone.

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