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I Need Help... I Mean Is This Normal?

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Okay the thing is my boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months and were both 17. He gets a boner every once in a while but last night I thought I would take a risk. I loosened his belt and I slipped my fingers into his waist band giving him anytime to stop me if he wanted to. But he never did. So I kept on going and I didnt want to take to much of a risk so I put my hand just down his pants not his boxers. Well he was starting to get a boner but he wasnt fully there but as soon as I grabbed him he was up. He started breathing really hard but didnt make a sound. As I flet him up (if you want to call it that) he was still breathing really hard but he still didnt make a sound. I mean is that normal?


I mean dont guys make some kind of noise?

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Anyone else here digging that description lol? It was so penthouse detailed heh.


Reminded me of the fumbling that occurred when I was going through this stuff for the first time.


As others have said, everyone is different. Every guy/girl is different. I have been with women who moan like they are in a porno. And some who just breathe heavy.


I'm been told I"m a groaner. But I also know of some guys who don't make a noise.

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