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trying to understand this poem.


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someone else wrote this...but i don't really know the meaning because i;m not good at understanding poems. can anyone tell me what it might mean?



I walk down

up an endless maze

straight through

the door

that was meant for me

to close.

I'm told to open it

but I can't hear them

because the door is closed.

So when I keep walkin,

don't stop me,

because then,

I will close you.

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Just sounds like it's about someone on a 'rampage' of sorts.

Someone w/ no clear direction (maze) that has closed people out. People are trying to reach him/her but the 'door is closed'...they are shut out. So, the 'rampage' continues....and don't interfere, or they will shut the door on you.


Heck if I know. Poems are intentionally cryptic.

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teen angst at its finest ha


Its someone who is confused in their life, and feels like there is some set path they need to go on..... they apparently want to go on this path alone to find the 'door' that they need to.....


however, as with most poems like this, they don't actually want to be left alone, they are desperately trying to reach out to someone....


of course, this is how I interpret it... I may be waaaaayyyy off~

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