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Boyfriend getting boners

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Okay the thing is my boyfriened and I have been dating for 6 nonths and were both 17. He gets a boner every once in a while but last night I thought I would take a risk. I loosened his belt and I slipped my fingers into his waist band giving him anytime to stop me if he wanted to. But he never did. So I kept on going and I didnt want to take to much of a risk so I put my hand just down his pants not his boxers. Well he was starting to get a boner but he wasnt fully there but as soon as I grabbed him he was up. He started breathing really hard but didnt make a sound. As I flet him up (if you want to call it that) he was still breathing really hard but he still didnt make a sound. I mean is that normal?

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How about the classic "Schwingggg!" or my personal modification "Schwingggg aling aling".


If I'm with one of my platonic women friends who I don't have any attractions to, or she's taken, and some hot 3rd party babe walks by, I'll quietly say to my friend, "Oooooooh baaaby! Schwingggg aling aling!" while we both watch 3rd party babe walk on by and my friend quietly giggles.

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You probably should have asked if he was comfortable with what you were doing at one point.

But yeah. Normal.

I've never really made a noise.

Although I really must admit, the sound of my girlfriend breathing heavily and building up is possibly the biggest turn on for me. Ever.

I'm not sure if girls have the same sort of view. Do they like their men quiet or loud or pleasantly indoor-voice-like (Couldn't think of a different description)

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