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Ive been on these boards on and off and now Im starting to get success with women even if its abit limited. Well my problem is I kissed a girl that my friend was persuing (although likely wouldnt make a move) and ive annoyed him. I havent seen the girl since it happened and I dont know if she'l think it was just friendly or romantically.

Anyhow ive decided if she does want a relationship although she probably doesnt im going to decline on account of my friend. Anyway if I get asked how can I decline without making it look like I dont think she's nice or something I honestly dont want to hurt anyone.

I know things like im not ready for a relationship and stuff but I dont want to damage my great friedship.

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Oh boy. This basically comes down to what is more important to you; the buddy or the girl. Only you can answer that. Personally, I don't think any girl is worth destroying a friendship. However that is only my opinion.


As far as how to turn her down without hurting her, this is immpossible. Any rejection hurts, no matter how it is sugar-coated. My advise; The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Otherwise, the rejection will be compounded with dishonesty. And that would REALLY hurt.

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