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new girl....kinda struggling

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met this girl a month ago alot of texting back and forth......asked her out 3 weeks ago she was sick...met up one night at a club thought she blew me off but her friend was sick and she called me at 5am just to apologize so i made plans for tonight.....she said it wasnt good for her and she asked how about weds or thurs..... i had plans for weds so i made it thursday....now this girl for some reason isnt much of a caller on the phone.... but she'll text me like crazy......i sent her a small box of choclates today at work....she went nuts thought it was so gentlemen like etc......she didnt call me after work i texted her she was getting her nails done we texted back and forth for a bit alot of teasin



i said can i call you when you are done?...she says i am runing late gotta get something to eat then get ready cause i got out of work late......i guess shes going out or something and she said : i'll try to call you in a bit"


now to me it seems like shes interested but not interested when we do talk its fun......shes a very pretty girl who happens to be a nice girl too.....but i know shes got a million guys chasin''' her and is recently out of a bad relationship 3 months ago as i am too


i am impatient and nervous cause i dont want to blow this before our date on thurs night.....but like last night i had to call her back after she called me when i did she didnt answer and she texted me that she was at her friends house and would call me later she didnt.....


i just dont like not feeling important.....


am i impatient


expecting too much too soon......

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