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sex.. in too deep?

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during sex, my girlfriend gets in a lot of pain if i go in too deep. sometimes if i go really deep it feels like im going past something. is it possible to go into her cervix??? or what could be causing the pain. with my ex the deeper i went the more pleasurable it was for her, but my ex was taller if that makes a difference. im about 6 1/2 to 7 inches long.

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And depending on where she in her cycle, it can hurt more. At certain points the cervix is softer and up higher, at other times it is lower and harder. The vaginal canal is generally an average of 3-4" deep, so it has to stretch to accommodate, not everyone likes it if you go deep right away without proper prep, and even then it can be painful for some women. For me, I like it sometimes, other times it can be uncomfortable.


A bruised cervix does not feel so good: you cannot go INTO it - the cervix is closed and only dilates for birth or if a doctor does so with drugs or instruments; but you can definitely bruise it and cause pain.


Also, make sure she is very aroused as this makes the vagina deepen as well a bit and more likely to expand a bit more.

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