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suicidal thoughts since split???

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thats all i can keep thinking about now since he said if i died he wouldnt care has anyone expercined simlar thoughts and when do they go???


Yes, people often do think about suicide when they're dealing with a painful break up. Let's face it, we can't help but fantasize it from the point of, "They'll be sorry they hurt me! Now I've got his/her attention!"


Unfortunately, you would be dead so you would never actually know if this is true or not.


And I know you wouldn't really want to put such guilt on someone by doing that. Or ruin the lives of your family.


I think maybe right now, though, it seems like an escape from the pain. But sweetie, will you believe me when I tell you that we're so much stronger inside than we realize? We can get through the painful times. It's hard as hell and it hurts like hell, but we CAN. And as difficult as it is to see now, there will come a day where you will want to get out of bed and live your life again. In other words, the day WILL come where you will feel hopeful and positive about life, with or without this guy.

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hi, it a really crappy thing to say to amyone.

at one point the though did come into my mind but then i realised soething.

If you place your ex above yourself and your personal needs then the results are that what he says are going to influence your thoughs and judgements.


He seems to be a person of poor character and is not worth your time. He has just lowered himself and thus whatever he says does not matter.

Take the high ground. You are better then him and you know it.

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Well thats a pretty mean thing to say to someone but it gets said alot along with alot of other mean things.


Yes I have had those thoughts before but never acted on them. After a breakup it can seem like its the end of the world and there is nothing to live for. Its a real struggle even breathing sometimes when you feel your insides have been ripped out.


The only thing to do is take it one hour at a time and realize that those feelings wont always be as strong. Time has a way of numbing things and those thoughts will disappear when the sun starts to shine again however faintly.


Breakups stink but just dont act on those thoughts. If you can, stay busy doing something like exercise.

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Thankyou for all your helpful comments. I never thought anything could feel this bad. Its so hard to function normally. The thought of these feelings never going away makes things so much worse.

I keep being told "the pain will never go away you will just learn to live with it"

All my dreams where with this guy, i need to find some of my own. But i dont feel i can.

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From experience, the pain does go away. And you will have new dreams that are fantastic. I'm sorry to hear you have the blues. Allow yourself to do what feels good to you for a while (especially if you can't function fully doing what you should be doing). If that's eating ice cream, or watching movies, or smoking, or dancing, or sleeping in......do it. If you're worried about not being able to handle your sadness alone, reach out: here, to your friends and family, and to a professional if necessary. Stay tough!

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Yea, i thought of suicide when my ex broke up with me, to the point where i was crying in front of like 4 or 5 of my friends and others standing around saying that nobody would care if i died. But those thoughts will pass. A good friend will always be there for you. In my case thats what got my mind off it.

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I keep being told "the pain will never go away you will just learn to live with it"


Do yourself a really big favor and don't go to these people for advice again. Because nothing could be further from the truth!


You also hit the nail on the head when you noted you need to go out there and create some new dreams for yourself. This is EXACTLY what you need to do. It won't be an overnight process at all, but it will be an interesting, and ultimately rewarding journey of self-discovery.


I certainly wouldn't want to see you tie all your dreams in with someone who could say he doesn't care if you died. Even if he did just say that rashly out of anger.


You've just got to believe in yourself a little more, hon. You CAN create happiness and adventure for yourself, and along the way, you will surely meet someone who is a true kindred spirit.

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