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I'm 24. Ideal weight (maybe a little skinny). Excercise regularly. Decent diet: rarely eat fast food or junk food except for the occasional chocolate bar. Been with a girl for a while. We've maintained a pretty regular sex life. As far as I know I'm not depressed, nor do I have a bleak outlook on life. I'm not making as much money at my job as I would like, but honestly, who does? Job isn't stressful, in fact its one of the easier ones out there (easy enough I can take a few minutes to post this).


The last few weeks my libido has diminished quite a bit. I did go through a slightly rough patch with my gf, but it was a little before that when it started. I'm not turned on by my gf as much, and I'm not turned on by women in general as much, if at all.


I've had nothing to complain about in my sex life, yet it seems I have even less to get excited about lately. I thought it might be a seasonal thing, but its never been this bad before.


Don't tell me I'm getting old already, I just got started. What else could cause a libido to wither?

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Maybe you have your mind elsewhere.


It can come and go in cycles throughout life, depending on those things to already eliminated as factors, as well as biological ones.

Do you get enough exercise and have interest in other activities?

Are you happy in your relationship, or feel vaguely indifferent?


Have you had a physical lately? some alments can affect your drive.


You aren't old, in fact you're just getting started.

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It's probably simply the fact that it is there for the asking, whenever you want it. We want what we cannot have, not what's there whenever we want it. We value what is rarer, not the common. If the street were paved with gold and diamonds, people might want to wear soda pops tops and string, if these things were rare.


I thinkyou'll find things return in general, but also try to get your gf to do a few things. One, not be naked or scantily clad that much. Make the sight of her body rarer, and you'll want it more. Second, try to get her to be a bit of a tease. You may have sex in the end, but not knowing when, where or how is part of the fun.

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There can be many reasons why you don't feel like sex. One of them is stress, you could be subject to a bit of winterblues, you may not feel attracted to your gf (but as you say you don't feel attraction to anyone). I think for females it is more common to have a bit of fluctuation in the libido (related to the cycle). So that is no option here.


I think Beec has a great perspective on things. Me and my bf often start having sex when we are already in bed and naked. Sometimes I really miss that 'urge' to have sex which can occur when you are doing something completely different. You know? When it's unexpected. Maybe thinking or fantasizing about her when it is impossible to have sex will help you



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