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Cant help but think "what if"

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I can help it, its been 3 months since i broke up with my ex, but i cant help but think "what if" i said "i love you" more . . . "what if" i wasnt moody and nasty sometimes with her. "what if" i didnt take her for granted, would i still be with her. She was my first and i was deeply in love. But im starting to get down a lot lately as i keep wondering if i had done things diffrently in the past, would things be diffrent today.

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Maybe you would still be together, or maybe something else wouldn't have been right and you wouldn't be together.


There's no point in "what ifs" because you can "what if" anything, and where does that ever get you? It only makes you regret past choices, even though that's who you were as a person then.


What if there's someone better for you out there? What if your past relationship was meant only as a lesson to learn who you are and what you need to change in order to be with someone forever?


You need to continue trying to move on. Things weren't meant to be with your ex. Who knows what could have happened if things were different. But things weren't different and you need to learn from this experience. It really will help you in any new relationship you might start one day.

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What if's are hard to handle, hard to think about....but in reality, don't matter (unless you've got a time machine)

The facts are what they are. Had you done things differently, it may be possible things might be different, or may have ended up the same, but in a different way. We will never know.


Things happeneded the way they did. And Trust that everything happens for a reason. Use this as a learning experience. And stop asking what if's, start Accept what is. and Know in your heart that good comes of every experience, every relationship. And good will come of this.

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I went through the "what if" 's myself recently, and have finally moved past that stage thankfully. You just have to tell yourself exactly what the people above have said: maybe things would have been different, maybe not, but you'll never know, so there's no point dwelling on it. Just take what happened as a learning experience, and try not to do whatever you feel you did wrong the next time. That's what I'm doing, and it sounds like we had the same "what if" 's.

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