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What are you grateful for?


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What am I grateful/thankful for?


Let's see...


Kind, loving parents

A roof over my head

Food in my belly

A warm bed to sleep in

A car that runs when I need it to (isn't a rust bucket either!)

Being able to go to university, even when I never thought I'd be able

Being healthy and strong

Living in a wonderful country where I can be free of war, violence and practice whatever faith I choose

Having the opportunity to experience and know what (romantic) love truly is

A few good, close friends who I can connect with

The fact that I am still here (there were a couple times when that was in question)

An awesome mentor

A bright future with someone I love

Always having more than enough, even when it doesn't seem like it

Being born me



I'm sure there's more, but those are the first things which come to mind, for me.

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Wow, great topic! I'm not grateful for much, which makes me think i am complacent. But, here are the very few things i am grateful for, which is actually going to be an extended list after this post, because i know that i am a spoilt brat and should be grateful for more:


My health

What is left of my family


My near-mental health

That i can cook

That i am shrewd when it comes to business and am able to save


That i have a very gorgeous girl that i get to stare at tonight

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This is a wonderful post.


I'm greatful for:



that I'm beginning to appreciate life

sunny days

beautiful materials


the buzzcocks

everything sweet



alan partridge

beautiful scenery

lazy days

the beginning of spring

endless opportunities

for feeling good today

for living in a beautiful city

for deciding to leave an unsatisfying job

for really wanting to work on myself

for my health

for thoughtful people

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ENA-all the people on here who spend their time helping other people

all the people in the world who volunteer or sepnd their life trying to make a difference

my friend who has always found a way to make me laugh


my nephew who is adorable




the warm sun

amazing/challenging job



opportunities to travel

having a healthy physical body


the ocean-as it ebbs and flows


moments of insight


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