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Liked her instantly! Is it real?


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Hi Friends

We all share a common feeling, the confusion of being in love. What to do next. Let me tell you what happened to me. I saw this girl at a bus terminal and all it took was a smile and she came right up to me in the queue and started talking. We realized that we have many things in common culturally (both of us are from a very traditional country in Asia) and it was almost like getting hit by lightning twice on the same day, to find someone so similar. The best thing was that she was heading to the same place as me but had tickets on a bus couple of hours after me. There was instant zipping of information back and forth before my bus left. I gave her my business card also for obvious reasons with future contact in mind.

As I got into the bus and saw her from my window, I felt the surge of feeling to be with her for some more time. I went and lied to the driver that she was with me and the driver lampooned me saying what kind of man are you leaving your girl behind. Well I did not stand there to explain but just made sure that I had a seat next to me for her even though one guy of the same bus was left seatless (shitless The driver agreed to let her in for me and I pumped my fist in joy. There she was right next to for the next two hours. As we started moving I was rapturous inside but tongue twisted as to what to talk. We asked each other about our work and stuff. Then she started dozing off as she felt very tired. I had the window seat and she the aisle. She was bouncing her head on both sides while sleeping and I felt that she would be very comfortable on my side. So I poked her shoulders and woke her up to exchange seats. She said it's ok but eventually took my seat and after saying God Bless fell asleep again. I said bull shit in return to reduce the formality levels. We reached our destiantion and I got off in a hurry as my bags were big and I had to remove them before others could move theirs. For may be a minute I had forgotten her and went out of the bus. After a few seconds there she was tapping on my back saying "it was nice to meet you. I will drop in a line sometime."


The freaking problem is that I could not sleep all night thinking about her, twas almost like a teen crush. I am well over 25. I checked my email a million times and even dug her email out from the web and dropped in a line.


Friends I am stiil waiting for an email from her. Do you think I did anything wrong by emailing first. Was I over enthusiastic in my action. What shall I do to reduce my agony waiting for her reponse. Help me

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first of all, your story was extremely interesting to look at.

you said you both come from a very traditional cultural background? may i ask if it's either japanese or korean?


well, i think the story for you is quite different from most teenage crush. i mean, i'm a lot younger than you, and i'm not experienced either, but what i find is that girls i've been interested in so far, are just too young and not ready for relationships like that.

if she striked a conversation with you at a bus stop, when you are a total stranger to her, and if you two spent the next two hours together in a bus ride, that definitely tells something about her. she's definitely interested in you! otherwise, why would a beautiful woman who has a very traditional cultural background ever bother to talk and flirt with a total stranger?


i don't think it's necessarily a bad idea that you wrote her an email, but just don't look too desperate. i learned a lesson by being too available and selling myself cheap. it would be a good idea to refer to the article post, USE ABsense TO INCREASE DESIRE AND RESPECT by grneyedscotsman


anyways, good luck



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