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Little Black Hairs

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This is kind of a weird subject but whatever its a problem


I have these little black hairs that grow out of my body and they are darker than normal ones and are quite visible close up. They are really annoying because they mainly grow out of my neck and my friend who is smaller than me (like neck high she always sees them and i get quite self conscious about it. I tweezered them about a week ago but they grow back so quickly. I was just wondering is this normal and is there anyway i can get rid of them completely.


I don't grow much facial hair at all just these weird little black hairs



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it could be your adult testosterone hormones kicking in... some guys do grow a lot of hair, everywhere, and the darker longer hair could be hormone related..


one can get electrolysis, or laser treatment to permanently rid one of hair where you don't want it... electrolysis is more painful and requires several treatments, but is not too expensive, and the laser surgery isn't supposed to be as painful, but a bit more expensive... but you can check your local listings and advertisements, sometimes they run specials, even on hair removals!

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