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Light weights for toning/losing weight, heavier weights for building muscles.



If you're using hand weights they should be light, 5-10 lbs. max.


for curls etc. w/ a bar keep it in the 20-30 lb range.


Windsor Pilates (sp?) exercise tapes are good for easy toning.



5-6 small meals are better than 3 big meals, lots of tuna and chicken and cutback on red fatty meats.


Learn to read nutrition labels, 20-35% fat content max.

Don't fall for the 95% lean hamburg labels, it's actually over 60% fat calories.


Hot air popped pop corn w/ no butter and just salt is a great filler snack.


Any of the drinks w/ high fiber are very filling and you can even just buy the fiber and add it to juice etc.

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wat evry1 has said is right i just wanted to add this to it. For getting your muscles toned you need to do a lightweight with more sets (e.g. instead of doing a 15 kg weight in 2 sets of 10 reps, do a 5kg weight in 4 sets of 15 reps) . It depends on what level your body is at but basically the more often you do it the more reps you will have to do. You should be feeling pain on the lightweights from about the third set onwards.

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OK let start with the myths; woman don't make enough Testosterone to gain significant amounts of muscle, so no matter how hard you train unless your on Testosterone supplements you wont get a 'body builders' body. In fact most pro-female 'builders' are on testosterone and have been training for 5+ years to build up the muscle. That and they are in the mid teens of body fat percentage.


Don't be afraid to putting a bit of muscle on as its more compact that fat (you will look more defined) and its metabolically active - you will burn energy just by moving around normally. Also Hypertrophy (building muscle) is very dependent on protein intake in the same way that eating lots of fatty foods = more body fat. Lots of protein = more muscle, controlling your protein intake will stop you from gaining muscle bulk.


As previous posters have mentioned diet and exercise and two sides of the same equation. If you want to cut fat most effectively you can cut dietary carbos and burn more energy. Take a log of everything you eat over a 2 week period then go back and check the food labels, cut the foods that contain lots of sugar (high glycaemic index), and fat that is solid at room temperature (saturated fat), starchy foods like white bread/rice can be cut too. Replace, yes REPLACE them with fibrous food such as brown rice, baked potatoes brown/granary bread - the fibre will stop you feeling hungry and slow the release of energy.


Ok on to exercise, you need both cardio and weights, its a myth that you cant lose fat by lifting, if fact you can burn more energy by lifting b/c with of the big compound movements your using more muscles that just doing the rowing machine etc. Also don't be afraid to lift heavy, you can develop strength independent of muscle bulk. Make sure that you consult a personal trainer/gym coach to get the workout for your body type - remember everyone is different so what works for one person may not work for another.

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Well you can get most of the protein you need from beans and rice. Basically if you are vegen you NEED to make sure you get all of the essiential amino acids because while we used to eat a larger portion of nonmeats then we do on average today (at least in high mass consumption countries), the human body did not evolve to live off of a no meat diet. But anyway back on topic, just a sidenote: recent studies have shown that steep dieting can actually make your body reduce your metabolic rate too fast and thus have you burn less fat. If you want to lose weight change your caloric intake only a little, and cardiovascular exercises a lot!

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