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Well I'm going to state the real reason I came to the site. I am a 21 year nursing student and have a lot of homework and have to speed many a nights locked up in my room. I have some great friends who go out alot (Easier majors), I on the other hand wish to get into Graduate school, and to do that I need to get All A's. I am fine with this, I don't mind sacrafice and hard work at all, BUT when I am in my room studying I get an alone feeling some nights. A pit of my stomach feeling, I am single by the way, never had a relationship. When my friends all go out and I am forced to stay and I do get alone sometimes, feel like I'm missing out on alot (I'm usually not), but I feel that way. Any other bookworms have the same problem, would be nice to know I'm not alone. Thanks.

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Certainly a familiar feeling for me as well. I work way too hard in school and it pretty much diminishes my social life. I have maintained a 4.0 all throughout college so far and it's been about seven semesters now. I got one more to go. I really haven't made many friends at all (pretty much none that I hang out with on a regular basis) here in college. I really don't care much anymore since I am about to graduate and all. It used to bother me a lot though. So yeah you're not alone.

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I went through this too in college, but due to my poor high school efforts, had to isolate myself just for a community college! (School was hard for me growing up). I also got my average up and felt very proud of myself.


That is a smaller achievement, I think, than Med school, so be proud of your hard work when you feel really lonely - it helped me and kept me going. If you are online a lot, don't feel as though knowing a lot of online friends is weird...they are very real and you can depend on them for a 5 minute break to get some energy to keep going.


Good work and keep it up! Let us know how things are going when you can!

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