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my friend needs serious help!!!

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he's being going out with this girl, his first true love, and he loves her with all his heart!!!


and today, he found some emails in her email account, from this other dude, and he has a suspicion that she is cheating on him, and he can't take that emotionally...


he said, if they'd break up, he'd kill himself, and he's serious about that... i don't have her phone number, otherwise i would have talked to her about this....


so what shall i do? i can't talk to him, he's very stubborn....


anyone please?!

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Guess what - you can do very little other than be there for your friend when the time comes.... unless you're the guy she's cheating on him with.


If she is cheating on him then you'll just need to be there for your friend while he goes through all the pain of being dumped.


The threat of suicide is usually for attention, or just a statement to show how intensely someone feels about something. Those I know who have actually killed themselves rarely announced it....they just did it. Why anyone would actually kill themselves over a broken up relationship is amazing to me... what do they think that they were only compatible with a single person - who they weren't really compatible with in the first place (which is why it ended)??? Makes no sense huh... People don't see that a breakup is a good thing. You have stopped putting time into a dying thing and now have time to put into something growing.

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i agree, u cant really do much but be there, maybe he should just ask her about the e-mails, they may be totally innocent, when people feel like killing themselves its helps for someone to be there for that person so that they can talk to them. sometimes its the little things that people say that actually make people realise the suicide just aint the answer, its hope everything turns out well for ur friend.

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*sigh* These situations are really hard. Most suicidal thoughts are irrational anyway, but the ones based around relationships are the worst. People become completely unhinged when it comes to love. The first thing I would tell you is that if you believe he is serious, tell someone who CAN help. Tell his parents or someone in authority. Just don't count on your verbal support to be enough. He's going to need real help.


And like they said, the best thing you can do for him is to be there and help him through. Let him know that he can lean on you.


And something you need to be very careful of is that you don't get anymore involved in this than you need to be. Don't try to solve this issue for him. You won't be of any help to him if you get deeply involved in the situation too.

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Speaking from experience what you need to do if you really think he may go through with it is tell someone like his parents. Seeing how my parents reacted to my suicide plan made me give it up right there. When you're in the state that your friend is you think that you know how your death is going to affect everyone else, but really you don't know at all.


Also like everyone said the best thing you can do is just be there for him to talk to, that really helps so much. Even just hugging him when he looks down will help a lot.

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