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mutual masterbation

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Me and my g/f have been dating for a couple of months now and at this point we both like to masterbate each other but to the lowest extent, she doesnt feel like getting naked to do it yet, so i usually just stimulate her through her clothes. Although i feel like i could do a better job in getting her excited, and practically finding the right spots to do this, her upper half is pretty easy to discover its just the vagina i would like to get some advice on the best spots to hit through the clothing, if anyone has any techniques they'd like to share please tell me, thanx in advance.

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You could try putting a hand down her pants... only if she is comfortable with that. This way, you have better access and she isn't naked. If not, then flatten your hand out and just rub the general area, and judge the best spots based on her response to your touch. You could also ask her what it is she wants you to do, and let her show you the way.


Good luck, and hope this helped!

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