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Guys, how common is this?

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How common is it for a 28 year old, very sexually experienced guy to get a hard-on every time he kisses a specific woman? I'm asking because this guy I'm seeing told me the other night, "Every time I kiss you, I get a hard-on." It sounded like it wasn't a normal occurrence for him. I would think that by 28 with a bit of experience under his belt (no pun intended!) a guy wouldn't get hard from just a good-nite kiss. Is this something that happens a lot? Should I take it as a compliment?

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I never thought it was a BAD thing. And I know he's very experienced. (When we used to fool around 10 years ago he was experienced back then.) I just wondered if most guys get that turned on by just as kiss. I was thinking he was pretty into me if he got that turned on from a simple kiss (no petting or grinding). I've had my share of kisses and most of the guys didn't get hard until the kiss got deeper and the groping started.

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I would say he is attracted, or else it wouldnt happen. I read a similar post then follow up on another site. My question is how well do you know him? How long have you been dating? Alot of times as I see it guys will say things like that to bring attention to there part. In hopes bringing attention to it means someone will touch it. You said he is very experienced. He is experienced for a reason. I have a friend who used to say the same thing... suprisingly it worked! Girls got flattered, and for him he was just aroused because he got alot of action, and was a horney guy... So my opinion, he could just be another horney dude trying to get his junk handled, or he could be sincere.

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I sorta agree with the last statement..


My girlfriend laughs because I joke about my junk and say negative things about it.. She laughs because I honestly don't think that, since I have no problem being naked, and others seeing me if I was exposed.


She says it kinda goes with the addage, that the guy who thinks it's penis is the biggest tries to show it to all the women to prove it.

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I have been married to my wife for 8 years, and sometimes I get a hard-on when she kisses me, if I'm feeling extremely in love with her at a certain point in time, it will just take a grab of the arm, or a rub on the back when she walks past me. It is a huge turn-on to know tat someone is in love with you.


Enjoy it, this guy is into you!

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