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I bid aurevoir but not adieu

Clementine orange

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Well, I been feeling kinda crappy (for lack of a better word) the last few months, physically, emotionally and mentally drained and I’ve been trying to find reasons for this. One thing that I’ve been doing a lot of recently, that I didn’t do before, is visiting the enotalone site. I go here a lot, not just to post but also to look around. It was getting a little obsessive I think, and I’m wondering if it is having an adverse effect on my mental health – that is reading about all these problems and agony all the time. I know once in a while one reads a happy posting but let’s face it, most of them are pretty angst ridden. I think all this was getting me down.


thereforeeee, I think I will give this a break for a month or so. Just to see if that makes any difference. I know I was using it as a procrastination tool as well so that’s not good. So I’m going to take a break.


So thank you and good bye (for now)


1.) Thank you and good bye to the wonderful moderators of this site, I think we underestimate how much work it is and what a gift of time and effort they make. Including the one (who’s name I’ve forgotten – sorry) who kindly deleted a quoted comment of mine that was written in haste and was an embarrassing rant.


2.) Thank you and good bye to those who have responded to me or commented on my comments. I appreciate the gestures, it’s nice to be noticed! We had some great debates and information and experience sharing.


3.) Thank you and good bye to the couple of guys in my age group who I have formed a kind of camaraderie with. I wish we could all get together for beers and nickel ante poker on my back porch.


4.) Thank you and good bye to those who PM’d me out of the blue – nice surprise and also to those who gave me “reputation” points. Nice!


5.) Thank you and good bye to that one poster who was usually totally annoying and irritating but once said something that was so funny that I almost peed my pants after I read it and still giggle helplessly when I think of it.

6.) Thank you and good bye to the female poster who I had developed a secret mini crush on. You’re just a sweetheart and I know you will find love, not with me I’m sure but with someone. I wish you the best.


7.) Thank you and good bye to those posters with the extreme views – it taught me that the world is a big place and with many different ideas – all valuable. It taught me tolerance.


8.) Thank you and good bye to those who were brave enough to post questions about some weird sex/emotional/mental problem or whatnot. It makes the rest of us who have various and sundry problems seem as not quite so alone.


9.) Thank you and good bye to whoever came up with the idea of “NC”, one of the most effective and strongest healing concepts out there.


10.) Thank you and good bye to the Canadian posters who mentioned their nationality and made me proud to be one. No offense Yanks, Aussies, Kiwis, Brits (and “other” but Canada rules! I’m sure each feels the same about their country – meet you at 2010 Olympics in Vancouver!

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