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How often to see your bf?

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Ok, well for those of you who know me and my bf got back together after a couple of weeks apart and are soon to be celebrating our 1st year (woohoo!)...Now the thing is I really like his company, we do lots of sports together and like chilling and seeing friends together. At the weekend he said "why not spend the whole week with me?" and I said "sure".


So since Friday I have been with him, he has been at work this week whilst I have been off and I have been seeing friends and doing stuff. But I never assume anything in the relationship now, so I asked him if he wanted to see me tonight and he said what did I have in mind blah blah....


Anyway the question is, I don't normally see him all of the time, but normally its about 4 nights per week (and I stay over too)....I know everyone needs their own space...so should I say to him that I have made plans tonight and tomorrow just to give him this space or what?


What do guys normally like to do? (My bf is the type that if his friends go out he gets me to come to - he has a mixture of girls and guy friends)

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If he goes I go....

If he doesnt ...I dont'


Very rarely does he request just the guys night out. We have been together for a whole year and i think only twice out of that whole time has he tried to escape me and all my splendedness..lol



IF a man has to spend too much time away from you,...always with the buddies, always the guys night out crap...I'd be on the first flight to kiss my butts ville, and off to a new man.


I believe that if most people look deep into there relationship, they will see that if he loves you, or if she loves you then there really isnt this need for the several nights out without you coming along. IF you can't come...then what is going on that you can't see. If a man ever told me more then a few times in a year that I couldnt come. .....or every week he's out with the homeys, and i'm not invited....i'd feel like he's either ashamed of me..or not telling me something.


When i was in my old relationship with a guy...i always had to be with my girlfriends...truth be told...forum...my girlfriends were rarely there. Iknow...I know I'm ashamed of it...I'm ashamed that I was a sneak...but I learned my lesson. But this is how I know when game is being run on me like this because I played the same game...\\


People should want to go out in groups....if your friends don't like you taking out your girl...they may be jealous or want her for themselves...huh..?



Hey this is just my opinion..i give it freely without expectations!

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I see my g/f around 3 times a week, and to me it's not enough. I spend almost all of my weekends with her. I even cut down on hanging "with the fellas" on my own choice just so that I could get closer to my girl. Not to meniton that we speak on the phone just about every morning for about 5 minutes before we go to work, and every evening for at least an hour or more. We talk about it, and we definitely don't think that we're smothering each other and we do take our days here and there for ourselves.


I've been with girls in the past that I wouldn't even want to see more than twice a week, and I've NEVER been the type to talk to my g/f's on the phone so much until I met my current g/f. Like I said, sometimes I take my breaks but it's not to hang out with my friends in the bars and the clubs, because I know that if I start that it could lead me to the double life I once lead myself.


Sabena, it's ok if you want do take your days away from your b/f, but is it because you want to or is it that he's asking for the space, which is ok too? Is he giving you signals?

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tisk tisk sabena, i thought you would know the answer to something as simple as this....lol...jokes jokes, depending on the love...and of course...that special touch, i say you can never get enough, but realistically, you do need space, don't cancel your date, go out and have fun with him, enjoy the time while you can, because there will come a time where you won't be able to spend these lesurly weeks together, so take advantage and enjoy, and as far as how often you normally see him, you know, that whole 4 times a week thing, thats cool, just as long as you enjoy the time while you still can, believe me, i know, i've lost someone i used to care about, and when i look back, it pi$$es me off that i did'nt take advantage of the time while it was right there in front of me.


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