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Was your ex amazed at your so called transformation

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After your breakup? I'm talking years later, not just a few months. If that is you ran into him or he contacted you.


I dunno sometimes I just have random thoughts like this. Figured it was a great forum to bring it up to see if others had similar thoughts.


So my question is has anyone ever had a ex come back and express how amazed he was at your "so called" transformation. Or have you guys heard any stories about exes coming back in complete awe of the person you are versus the person he thought you were.


The way I am now, the things I'm doing, completely away and different from what the ex would ever have done - he never really did know me thought he thought he did. So it's not like I changed to "prove" anything to him.


But seriously the thought popped up just a moment ago, esp in the wake of all our mutual friends who've remarked the changes they see in me (my own friends know it's just me, but branching out in a different direction like always) I just had the thought.


This is just a general in thought question.





BTW I'm not trying to get back with my ex. I just have my moments (those of you on here know how it is I think).

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I never had an ex come back to me years later and be amazed. However I can imagine one of my exs being vey amazed and would be happy for me(we were together 9 years and broke up 6 years ago)... i know he will be very amazed at how much i have changed. We all change. I have travelled alot more (never travelled when I was with my ex) ... losing weight, became homeowner, my financial issues has improved (part of reason we broke up) ... and alot of stuff. However I had no desires to have him back in my life as I am not the same person I was when we broke up 6 years ago. (Chances he is not the same person now or possibly still is the same person, but I will not know) I also have no desire to go back to the lifestyle we were in. I moved to a new city after we broke up to start a new life.

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