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how do you fiind postivity, i need your help, please...

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why is it that i see negativity in everything, i'll see something negative in the most postive thing ever, you'll talk about sunshine and grassy fields, i'll talk about dark cloudy skies and swamps...lol...it's an exaderation, but still, i tend to live by this saying, "where ever there is good, there is bad" it's gotten to the point where i can't even see the good anymore, i just see the bad, especially in people, i'm only 18 and I could tell everything there is to know about persuasion, because i studied it, hoping i could gain control of any negative situation, but now it turns out I am the negative situation. knowledge is power my a$s, the more you know, the more depressing life gets, some things are better left unsaid, but i need help gaing me happiness back, for those of you who have read my last topic, you would know i'm involved with a girl right now, only problem is the bit*h has a fa*got boyfriend, then again, who am i to complaiin, i'm f**kin around with her behind his back...lol...man, this is just messed up, they say happiness lies within, but it does'nt seem that way with me, i need help.

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wow...you are the total opposite to me!


When I was 18 I suffered from cervical cancer...I was still a virgin and was heartbroken at the treatment I had to have for the following 2 years. But, during this time I still kept saying to myself that I had been chosen to have the cancer because whoever decided that I should have it thought that I would be better handling it than someone else. And this is how I always think.


When my bf broke up with me, I was totally devastated and then a couple of days later again I said, "well better me than someone else who might take their life over this..and it will make me stronger"


I always believe that things happen for a reason, and I chose it to be a good reason...big deal sunny skies...hey rain clouds give the grass nourishment to live!..*winx*

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happiness is a choice really


people are born with different personalities;

sanguine-positive type, melancholic-negative type, phlegmatic-passive type or the choleric-control freak...


everything in life is a choice including how you make yourself think...

its also not healthy to be negative all the time. im sure if you try you can work on it and eventually change.


im a melancholy and their not bad people but jus people that see things differently...if we didnt hav these people in the world there wld be heaps more chaos...anyways bak to the subject

i used to be very negative, i saw the bad side of everything and i learnt that people dont find it pleasant to be around negative people, etc...

so i tried my best to change the way i think and since then ive been a more pleasant person...


but yeh ill pray for u and just keep trying ok

it would help also if you seek the one that created you....

>>whats life worth living without knowing the Lifemaker?

(lifemaker=God, life manual=the Bible)

God Bless!

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