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Self conscious about going back to school

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I've just turned 24 today and I'm starting to realize where my life has gone so far. I want to go back to school and find a career that I can be proud of, but I get this nagging feeling in the back of skull that it is too late to move on and receive a better education.


I just don't know if it is or not or if what I'm feeling is normal. All I do know is I don't like working to part time jobs to pay the bills (well... when I get a second job) and struggling all the time. I've had dreams and goals and I feel I'm too late to fullfill them because of age.


Is it normal to feel like this when I'm so young?

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Don't care about your age, some people complete their education when they are 84 years old.


What really matters is that you finish what you start, and go for gold in your life.


Don't let that nagging feeling stop you, you see you shouldn't be your own worst enemy in achieving things in life. Don't be your own blockade or obstacle into achieving positive constructive things you want to do. You have my blessing, go study and be all you can be.

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Yeah, I definitely would not let age be a concern here.


A significant number of people return to school in their 20's, 30's and above. I have been in classes that had 50+ year olds, and even 80 year olds.


The "average" age in my classes is in the mid-late 20's, but we have some whom are quite a bit above it too.


There are bonuses to going back, including having some great perspective, maturity, and even more dedication to being there because you know WHY you are there. I went back this year, at 27, and love it...am so glad I did.


Seriously, if you do let that get to you, it is just an excuse out of a fear of change in my opinion...if you really do want to do it, do it. Because I can assure you that if you feel this way now, you will regret not having gone back even more in another 10 years, where you will probably have an even harder time doing it.

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I felt that way at 24, as I was working and hadn't gone to get the formal schooling I had always wanted.


Several years later now, and this coming year I will be going to school.


It no longer bothers me and I am quite a few years ahead of you, friend. What I realized is that life gives us a constant supply of educational opportunities, and not all of them are in a traditional setting.

The years spent away from schooling will give you a different perspective than others fresh from hs.


And the fact is nowadays that schools and colleges have diverse student bodies. People of all ages and backgrounds, it's fabulous!


Bottom line: If this is important to you, just do it. It is not too late. Not so long as you breathe!

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Don't feel self-conscious! I am 27 and just getting around to starting on the career path I want. I was in therapy, and I told my therapist about the EXTREME self-consciousness I felt about this. She gave me some very helpful advice, which I will repeat to you here:


You may be what you perceive as a little behind some people who are younger and on the same path as you, but they haven't had the same life-experiences you have had. Some people take the direct route, and others take a less linear one. Neither is better and neither has accomplished "more."


So, take stock of what you have accomplished and experienced and get your butt back to school!

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