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I know I have complained about things on this board about my boyfriend, but after reading some of the other posts on this forum and really thinking about how badly some people's lives are and how terrible some people's relationship problems are...I really started to think about how unbelievably lucky I am to have a person in my life who genuinely loves me and who I love right back, a person who I know would never hurt me or cheat on me or do any such thing. We never fight and whenever I need him, he is there for me no matter what. He always calls me and makes sure I am happy and that everything is okay. Sure, there are times in which we annoy one another, but that is everyone's relationship. We have such a special connection and bond and I am so thankful for that. I am fortunate that he always lets me know how beautiful and wonderful he thinks I am (and him too) and how he wants to be with me forever and how I mean the world to him. I am thankful that he lets me know how he is feeling and how he never snubs me for petty things like social events, drinking, friends, etc---like most college aged men. He is beyond that. He thinks about more important things---and he always thinks of me first. He is in touch with his feminine side and never hesitates to show affection. I never really thought about how many people would kill to have that. And here I am always complaining that he doesn't always please me 100% of the time. Well, so what? My expectations are irrational. I need to stop being so nit-picky and realize what I have right in front of me.


I just wanted to share.

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