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I went on the Progesterone only pill last week and its starting to make me INSANE!! There is no point on being on the pill if my boyfrined dumps me for being so irrational


I was horrible to him last night, I am so lucky that he is such a patient, loving guy.


Does anyone have any strange hippy teas or anything that I could take to stop being so emotional? Keeping in mind that St Johns Wort makes the pill less effective.


Yep, so, any help would be very appreciated!!

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Are you talking about the contraceptive mini pill? Making you insane hehe Try a different type of pill. They seem to make each person act differently. I used to take the diane pill (which is supposed to clear up your skin) but it actually made my skin really bad. So just try a few different ones until you find one you like.

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The poor guy had to put up with me bawling my eyes out for no reason last night... -sigh-


I have spoken to the doctor about it (I have been on the pill before and it did the same thing, about 8 years ago) but becuase I get migranes with visual distortions, and I have a family history of heart disease... I cant go on the combined pill...


Its horrid Ill be fine for ages, but as soon as the tiniest thing happens to upset me, Ill throw a complete wobbly...


Oh well, Ill talk to the doctor again when I go to renew my perscription

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