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Unconventional Girl Bonding...

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I have a good friend who just got a huge inheritance from a dead family member. She's buying land to build a house, planning a trip to LA, etc, along with starting a trust for her sun.


She has struggled all her life with her weight. She does get a decent amount of excercise and she doesn't eat too much. Tonight we were talking and she told me she's decided to get lyposuction. (I hope I spelled that right.)


Now, comes the weird part... She doesn't want to do this alone. She wants me to do this with her. She called it "unconventional girl bonding." I have also struggled with my weight a lot. I lost 50 pounds and I am now thinner then I have been in years. But I still have some fat on my stomach and my hips that I can't seem to get rid of.


PArt of me thinks its a good idea. Part of me doesn't want to be one of those women who has plastic surgery. I haven't decided if I'll do this or not. I just want to know your thoughts. I know it's a strange question.

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It is a strange question!


Well, first I would decide if this is really what YOU want... or if you'd just be going along as she wants you to. You can actually go and support her but not have the procedure yourself.


Next, if you do want this for yourself... talk to your doctor about it. You should get an objective medical professional's opinion (and NOT from the doctor who wants to do the surgery- he or she may make it seem safer than it is in order to make a profit off you two).


Do a little research online, talk to your doctor, and your husband... and make your decision then- but do not succumb to outside pressure from your friend if this is not what you want to do.

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When she mentioned it safety was my first concern, this was before she even asked me to do it with her. I was worried about her having it because I've heard of people dying after having it.


I told her that I heard it's very painful. And she said "The pain of having it done is nothing to the pain I feel when I get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror."


Thanks for your reply Hope.

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Maybe your research could help your friend make a decision that is based on rational thinking rather than emotion.


I understand the desire to be thin ( I'm about 25lbs overweight myself and wouldn't it be nice to be a size 8-10 again?) but you really do have to be careful about procedures like that... they are painful, you have to wear compression bandages 24 hours a day afterwards to keep the remaining fat from shifting and give you a "normal" shape... the risk of infection is high... and not every doctor who performs it has your health and safety as his or her top priority.


I think you are wise to be hesitant, and it definitely warrants some looking into first.

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Congratulations for losing 50 pounds!! I bet you feel good about yourself now not only for losing weight but for the hard work you did to achieve it You wont get that feeling if you get lipo. How much weight would you get taken out?

I heard of a lady getting it done once that ended up putting on more weight then before she got the lipo because she was in so much pain and was sitting around the house eating for a couple of weeks

Maybe since your friend has the money she could hire a personal trainer for the both of you. Or buy some guy equipment and you could motivate each other.

But if you decide to do it I dont think its a bad thing. Just make sure YOU want to do it and your not doing it just because your friend will pay for it.

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It has been a couple years since I lost all my weight. And I did work really hard to lose it. I have gained about ten pounds back though. I still work out everyday, and I still eat healthy. But, going from a very laborious factory job to an office job where I sit on my butt all day it was kind of bound to happen.


At this poitn it is looking like a probable no... But, if I decided to go through with it I wouldn't have muc taken out. I have some fat on my stomach and my hips that I would want to get rid of, but that would be it.


I like the idea of her hiring a personal trainer. Maybe I will suggest that to her.

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hey there! I think getting surgery together would be kind of weird. why not just hire a personal trainer and work out together. i have to say, surgery is riskier than most people think, and for what? from what I hear, most people with liposuction surgery gain it back within a few years or so. i have seen your photos, you look great! as for your friend, i think it is safer and less invasive for her to work on her eating and exercise habits. because if she gets liposuction and goes back to her old eating habits, she'll be right back where she started, only $10,000 poorer.


I'm not really a fan of liposuction. i think that weight loss surgeries should only be performed when a person can die as a result of their weight. not for a few cosmetic extra pounds.

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If it's what YOU want, then by all means go for it. Yes, it is a strange bonding experience, but if it's something BOTH of you want equally (one isn't doing it JUST for the other), then it might be nice to have someone go through it with you.

However, if you're okay with the way you look and feel about yourself, then don't. I liked the idea of both of you seeing a personal trainer.

Only do this if you're 110% sure it's what you want. Don't do it for her. Do it for YOU

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