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I'm generally a very stable and rational kind of guy, or so I'd like to think. I don't suffer from any incontrolable emotions, phases etc.


Apart from one...


This is my neurosis, and I can't shake it. It's my physical appearance - namely my face. Starting literally since I was in primary school, I have been unable to judge how attractive I am - today, I'll look in the mirror one minute and see a genuinly handsome lookin face, but the next minute, I'll see the most awkward ugly mug on the planet.


It even seems to differ hugely depending on the freaking mirror I'm looking at, or the light levels/directions.


90% of a year I'll be cool with my appearance, even confident - and then, I'll plunge into self-pity over it.


I'm at the point now where I don't care whether it's psychological or not, I want to do something physical about it for my own sake.


The biggest thing I have is with my nose, which I am convinced is just slightly too big and slightly too blocky to not look awkward - combined with my chin which I am convinced is just weak enough to make my nose look even worse.


Now, to you guys, if I showed you a pic, I'm betting the majority of you wouldn't notice these things unless you really analysed it. But I really think these subtle things detract from the rest of my face, which I'm totally cool with.



I was thinking about spending the rest of my savings for my year out on a minor nose job and perhaps a chin augmentation.


That probably sounds rash, but I've literally come to this conclusion every time I've thought about it for the past 4 years.


I've already paid for about 5 months of round the world travel. Cosmetic surgery is so insanely expensive it'd take up all the rest of my cash, and even then only with my parents going halves.




So, what do you think? If anyone has had nose/chin cosmetic surgery I'd love to hear from you particularly.

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I'm not an expert, but I don't think you're a good candidate for plastic surgery. You are vaguely discontented sometimes with your face, but it's not that specific. I think the issues are about self confidence and go deeper than a feature you're not happy with.


I was thinking about spending the rest of my savings for my year out on a minor nose job and perhaps a chin augmentation.


Do you see what I mean? I think your unhappiness would shift to something else about your face, if that makes sense. The advice on one website about plastic surgery is this:


What are your expectations from cosmetic surgery? Are they realistic? That is, are there just slight aging irregularities that you seek to correct, or is this a way to make up for deeper issues?


I think if I would you I would delve a little deeper first. But as I say, I'm really not an expert AT ALL in this area!!


Good luck.

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I actually have quite a specific idea of what I want. I'd like to soften my nose by reducing it's protruision slightly and taking a little off the bridge, and augment my chin so that my lower jaw extends further slightly.


Together these two things, I think, would bring a "balance" that I don't have right now and which drives me absolutely mental on occasions. I've always thought that a flatter face would suit the rest of my features, and it almost feels like a "waste" or "shame" not to make the change.



I would settle for just one to begin with, but apparently a combo of nose reshaping and chin augmentation are extremely common because "balance" is exactly what they can bring to the face.




I've seen that quote, in many forms, and I actually think I'm there. I've only ever had a problem with my nose and chin, ever, and I wouldn't change anything else even if I could. The changes to them aren't extreme either, and I'm not looking for total transformation - but the effect of balancing those featgures, to my eyes, is pretty significant. I push my chin forward consciously a lot, because when I look in the mirror, the difference in attractiveness between the default overbite position and the pushed forward position is... well, it's the difference between hot and not. Truly.



I'm real close now man... reeaaal close

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well, you did say 90% of the time you are cool with your appearance. i do the same thing. i work out a lot and i'm a pretty muscular person. every once in a while i think i'm the smallest person in the gym and don't feel strong, etc. kind of the same thing. but i get over it and laugh about how i felt. i'm not trying to gloat on my size or anything, but i do the same thing about my hair. i grow it out long, then cut it short again. think about shaving it, etc. then when i do it, i'm mad that i didn't just leave it. everybody has some kind of problem with their appearance. nobody is perfect. i just know that sometimes when people do get the plastic surgery, they can't stop and becomes a fetish. just some insight.


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