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I Just Left...

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I packed up my staff and all of my dream and left a while ago...

Yesterday I bought a box, put inside a photo frame with my picture and a handful of shell that I got from him from the beach last summer when we went on holidays...


I left the box on the table in the living room with my keys and a note saying:


''My heart would break in even more pieces if the last memory was a goodbey.

That's a present in advance for the house of your dreams that you will one day have. Packed in a box, all the love in the world that I chose to give especially to you. We would have made the house of my dreams together - one day...


In my heart our baby is called Sophia - so that you know...


Don't look for me if I am not girl of your dreams.


I am sorry for everything and mainly because I can't not remember my Chris being happy.


Good luck in what ever you choose.





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Good luck.


I just read some of your other posts, and while I know this is difficult, it seems like you are leaving, in the end, because you were not getting the love you should have been feeling.


I am not sure if he is right and correct in feeling that this is temporary or not, but I really don't like his thinking. It simply does not go with the meaning of what is in my signature, which I like to think of as the best meaning of love. He seems to be me to be claiming that he cannot love you enough right now, and while that hurts, staying and waiting for him to do so would be worse.


Don't settle for less than love.

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