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Hey guys, I used to post on this forum under another name.


Anyway last year I was dating this boy named Ewan. He is/was like a genius (perfect SAT score), but troubled (like crazy) one of those troubled artistic typle people. Anyway we stopped talking cause we got in a spat over something stupid. That was last year... Also he didn't think he could emotionally handle "falling in love again" (his words.)


Fast forward to this year...


I see him on aim and I i-m him. And he said he didn't think I would ever talk to him again because one day he was sitting outside his job smoking a cigarette and I walked by and he said "hi" and I didn't say anything... Except this supposedly happened when I had moved out of town we lived in...(so it wasn't me he thought he was talking to, he mistook someone else for me.) I told him that. He then said oh I always think I see you, "one day I followed a lady who looked vaguely like you for 2 or 3 blocks." (This doesn't mean he's psycho, he is just weird, I think it's cute and sweet.)


So anyway um considering he sees me places (that means I'm on his mind.)


Would you all venture to guess he has very strong feelings for me?


Also he moved back in with his parents and he seems to be getting his life settled... I'm thinking we might start hanging out again...


What do you guys think?


Do you think him seeing me places means I am on his mind? That has to be what it means...right?


let me know


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Also he used to live in a crazy house with a bunch of local drug addled and quasi-alcoholic bohemians. This is a college town. I'm still a student and he graduated from an Ivy league school last year, but still hangs around here...


I'm thinking since he lives at home (and he is pursuing his writing and not working as much as he was before...all he used to do was work and get drunk) he is probably in a healthier place...


Plus when we talked he said he was going to my city that night... (his parents live in in an adjacent town) I think he sort of wanted me to ask if I could come along? I'm not sure... Why else would he mention it?


I guess I should just talk to him about it, but I'm very scared to do that, I don't want to get sucked into "the emotional void" where I care about him and he cares about me but he is too screwed up to deal with intense feelings... this is not just a glossed over "he's just not that into you" lie...

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